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Category Archives: ATV Accident


Tips for Choosing the Best ATV Helmet

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Riding ATVs is a popular activity in California because of the wide range of terrain, year-round great weather, and excellent scenery. As an ATV enthusiast, you are probably well-aware of California helmet laws for ATVs. They require operators to wear a helmet at all times while riding an ATV on public lands and roads…. Read More »

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ATV Safety Equipment for Vehicles and Riders

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other vehicles designed for off-road use are fun for families to enjoy, and they also have an infinite number of valuable applications to support businesses and property owners. However, while you appreciate the utility and versatility of ATVs, it is also important to be aware of the risks involved with… Read More »

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How Long Do I Have To File A Claim After A California ATV Accident?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Operating ATVs is a popular outdoor activity in California, so it stands to reason that the number of accidents is relatively high. However, statistics reported by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveal a distributing fact about this favorite pastime: California ranks #2 when it comes to fatal ATV accidents, and it is… Read More »

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How Safety Courses Help Reduce Deadly ATV Accidents

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Initially, you should be aware of the legal reasons to take an ATV safety course. Under California law, there are laws that apply to those under 18 years old, as well as additional restrictions for those under age 14. An ATV Safety Certificate and direct parental supervision are required, so you may be considering… Read More »

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ATV Flips And Tip Overs: Safety And Prevention Tips

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

While it is an honor to be included on some Top 5 Lists, California’s rank for the US states with the most ATV-related fatalities is not necessarily a source of pride. A total of 25 percent of all accident fatalities occur in just five states according to a study conducted US Consumer Product Safety… Read More »

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Tips Parents Can Use To Protect Children From California ATV Accidents

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

It may not be what you want to hear when your child is begging to go off-roading, but statistics on ATV accidents are as disturbing as you might expect. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), California ranks in the Top 4 among all US states when it comes to deadly collisions on… Read More »

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3 Laws You Need To Know About California ATV Accidents

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is an exhilarating experience and excellent way to see some of the hidden gems off-the-beaten path in California. However, safety-minded operators are well-aware of the dangers and importance of following state laws covering these vehicles. The California Department of Parks and Recreation publishes some basic information on “Off-Highway Vehicles”… Read More »

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ATV Safety In Oakland: Tips To Avoid Accidents And Injuries

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

The Bay Area’s moderate climate and close proximity to numerous recreational facilities make the area ideal for riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), but some enthusiasts are not aware of the safety risks. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that it received more than 14,000 reports of fatalities from ATV accidents between 1982 and… Read More »

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ATV Accidents in Oakland, CA: Statistics and Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

While many people focus on the entertainment value and adrenaline rush of going off-road, Californians put their all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to use in many other ways. These vehicles are convenient and powerful for getting around larger properties, they can be used to haul materials, and they take the backbreaking work out of landscaping projects…. Read More »

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