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We’re Leveling the Playing Field and Righting Wrongs for Employees

From discrimination to harassment to wrongful termination, if your employer has treated you unfairly, Venardi Zurada will vigorously pursue the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our experienced Oakland employment lawyers today for more information or assistance.

What Makes Us Different? – Contingency Pricing

In most employment law cases, we work on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning if we don’t make a recovery for you, we will not collect a fee. We believe it’s the right thing to do, and it means that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from demanding justice when you’ve been wronged.

Unfortunately, most employers are more knowledgeable about employment law than their employees are. They also tend to have a relationship with a lawyer or law firm. Both of these factors put you at a disadvantage—that is, until you bring us into the conversation.

With us by your side, the playing field is level, and your employer will either right the wrongs that have been committed voluntarily or at the direction of the court.

Laws Exist to Protect Employees, and We Make Sure They Do

Our team is both respected in our industry and successful in the courtroom, having achieved a 99 percent favorable judgement rate at trial.

At Venardi Zurada, we work with clients from all walks of life and in a wide variety of industries, including restaurant, retail, technology, manufacturing, medical, construction, and more.

In each of these business environments, there are laws that employers must follow regarding the fair treatment of their employees.

For example, employers:

  • Cannot discriminate based on race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, or many other factors
  • Must assure proper pay to employees
  • Must allow meal and rest breaks
  • Are required to compensate employees for overtime
  • Must correctly classify an employee’s work and pay them appropriately

And the list of much-needed protections for employees goes on. Read more about the types of claims we negotiate, settle, or take before a judge and jury for employees by following the links below.

We Also Provide Invaluable Assistance in Employment Negotiations

In addition to seeking compensation for people who have been wronged by their employer, we also assist clients who are negotiating severance and other issues as they leave or enter an organization. Having representation in those situations can be critical to ensuring you are dealt with fairly. Call now to learn about this service.

To understand what makes attorneys Mark Venardi, Martin Zurada, and the team at Venardi Zurada so passionate about we do, read more about our California law firm.

Contact Our Oakland Employment Lawyers For A Free Case Review

If you are an employee who feels their rights have been violated, or you need help negotiating or reviewing your employee contract, please call to speak to one of our expert Oakland employment lawyers at 833-893-6763 or submit our form.

When litigation or mediation is involved, and we are able to take your case, there is never any fee or expense to you of any kind until you get paid! That means we pay all litigation costs which you will not be required to pay back, and we only get paid if you get paid.

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