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ATV Flips And Tip Overs: Safety And Prevention Tips


While it is an honor to be included on some Top 5 Lists, California’s rank for the US states with the most ATV-related fatalities is not necessarily a source of pride. A total of 25 percent of all accident fatalities occur in just five states according to a study conducted US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC),  and California is #2. There were 14,129 deaths during the study period from 1982 to 2015, for a national average of around 614 fatalities every year. The average for California during these 23 year was higher, at 654 annually.

The CPSC has identified ATV flips, tip overs, and overturns as a top cause of accidents involving off-highway vehicles. Individuals can be killed or seriously injured, and there is no metal shell to protect you from the impact. Many of these incidents are the result of negligence, so it is important to discuss legal remedies with an Oakland ATV accident attorney. Some additional facts and safety tips to avoid tip overs are also useful.

Facts About ATV Overturn Accidents

 One of the first points to note is that 3- and 4-wheelers, and other off-highway vehicles (OHVs) are prone to tipping. They have a relatively high center of gravity, a short distance between front and rear axles, and narrow distance between the right and left wheels. ATVs are built to be compact and get through rugged terrain, but these same features make the vehicle less stable. Additional facts about these incidents are notable:

  • The nature of ATV overturn accidents means the rider will almost always endure a secondary impact after being ejected.
  • CPSC estimates that there are around 112,300 people who visit the emergency room for ATV accident injuries every year.
  • Approximately 40 percent of ATV accidents involve children under age 16, with 12 to 15 years old being the age group that is most at risk.
  • Other than crossings at certain intersections, riding an ATV on California roads is prohibited.
  • All riders are required to wear a proper helmet to operate an ATV in California. 

Safety Tips to Avoid ATV Tip Overs

When it comes to preventing these incidents, the primary recommendation is to always keep in mind the stability issues with ATVs. Avoid sudden stops and sharp turns, and do not ride across steep grades. A side overturn accident can happen without warning. Plus:

  • Do not let children ride ATVs made for adults.
  • Never ride with a passenger on an ATV built for solo use.
  • In addition to a helmet, wear boots, gloves, long pants, and other protective gear.
  • Do not ride an ATV after drinking alcohol.

An Oakland ATV Accident Lawyer Can Assist If You Were Hurt 

Safety tips are helpful for preventing tip overs on ATVs, but there are other factors that contribute to these incidents. For more information about legal remedies after an ATV accident, please contact Venardi Zurada, LLP. We are happy to schedule a no-cost case evaluation at our offices in Oakland, or Walnut Creek, CA. After we review your circumstances, we can discuss options and next steps.


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