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Oakland Maritime Accident Lawyer

Working aboard boats, floating work platforms, barges, or ships can be dangerous. Workers on vessels on the navigable waters typically do not have workers’ compensation coverage if they are injured on the job. Instead, these “seamen” have the right to sue their employer for negligence or unseaworthiness of the vessel, and they also have the right to collect a daily stipend called maintenance while they are recovering from injuries.

If you or someone you care about is injured while working aboard a vessel on the navigable waters, reach out to the dedicated and experienced maritime accident attorneys at Venardi Zurada to learn whether you have a claim under the Jones Act or general maritime law. Our Oakland maritime accident lawyers represent people injured at sea and on the California Delta, as well as anyone hurt on the lakes and rivers throughout the Bay Area and across the State of California.

Our Experience at Sea Makes Us Uniquely Qualified to Handle Maritime Injury Cases

Attorney Mark Venardi served in the United States Coast Guard for five years, performed search and rescue, and served on a marine law enforcement boarding party. Over a period of four years at sea, he sailed the waters from Nova Scotia to Venezuela on the East, and from Alaska to Hawaii on the West. He delivered 35 to 45-foot sailboats from New York to Florida. Mark also worked on an offshore oil rig for approximately 1.5 years, and he has been an avid sailor, motor boater, fisherman, wakeboarder, wake surfer, surfer, and waterman his entire adult life.

In addition to his personal life experiences at sea, Mark has been a practicing maritime and admiralty lawyer during his entire legal career. Our maritime injury legal team has years of experience representing clients injured in all manner of accidents, and our specialized experience in sailing, oil rigs, and admiralty law gives us a unique edge in maritime cases. Based upon our practical experience and legal expertise, you could not be in better hands with your Northern California maritime accident case.

Representing Clients Injured in All Manner of Maritime Accidents

  • Seaman / Jones Act Injuries – Workers injured aboard cruise ships, ferries, tour boats, barges, fishing vessels, and any other commercial vessel are entitled to compensation from their employers under the terms of the Jones Act. If you are a seaman injured on the job aboard a water vessel, the maritime injury lawyers at Venardi Zurada can help you seek the recovery you are owed.
  • Boating & Cruise Ship Injuries – We represent cruise ship passengers who were injured due to the negligence of cruise line operators and crew. If you had a slip-and-fall or other accident while aboard a cruise liner, we can help you recover for your injuries.
  • Commercial fishing accidents – Commercial fishermen face some of the most dangerous working conditions of any industry. When fishermen get hurt aboard commercial fishing boats, they have the right to collect damages against their employers or other negligent parties who caused their injuries.
  • Tug & Barge Injuries / Accidents – Deckhands, mates, engineers and captains aboard tugboats and barges are entitled to compensation when they are hurt on the job. The Jones Act provides relief for workers injured while aboard navigable water vessels.

Call a Seasoned Oakland Maritime Accident Lawyer For Help With a Maritime Injury Claim

If you or a loved one has been hurt while aboard a cruise ship, tugboat, barge, commercial fishing boat, or other seafaring vessel in the Bay Area, the Oakland admiralty law attorneys at Venardi Zurada, LLP, are prepared to help you get the compensation you are owed. We have a deep knowledge of admiralty law, employment law, contract law, and personal injury law, and we have a wealth of personal experience living and working aboard water vessels. Let us bring that unique combination of expertise to bear in helping you recover after your maritime injury. Call 833-893-6763 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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