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Oakland Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are among the most painful, debilitating, and scary injuries that anyone can experience. Anything from a defective home appliance to an accident in the workplace to a car crash can cause severe burns. The American Burn Association estimates that more than 1.1 million people suffer burn injuries requiring treatment every year across the country. Around 45,000 of those injuries require hospitalizations, 10 percent of which are likely to lead to a fatality. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you do not have to face the fallout alone. We can help.

The Oakland burn lawyers at Venardi Zurada are ready to hear your case. Our burn injury attorneys have decades of experience recovering millions of dollars for accident victims in Northern California. Let us help you and your family get the monetary compensation you are owed after an Oakland burn injury.

Types and Causes of Burn Injuries

Not all burns are the same. Medical experts categorize burns into distinct types depending on the cause, and each kind of burn carries different risks and complications. The four main types of burns are the following:

  • Thermal burns. The most common type of burn. Thermal burns are caused by contact with fire, hot liquids, electrocution, steam, or other sources of extreme heat. Thermal burns can result from any number of incidents, including car and motorcycle crashes, defective products, and workplace accidents.
  • Light burns. Light burns are caused by prolonged or extreme exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light, such as from welding tools or the sun.
  • Chemical burns. Exposure to high-potency acids, alkalis, or a chemical spill or explosion can lead to severe chemical burns.
  • Radiation burns. These are caused by exposure to or contact with nuclear radiation, such as during medical imaging or while working at a power plant.

Burns are also separated into degrees: First-degree burns are the least serious, damaging only the top layer of the skin. Second-degree burns show blistering, red skin, and may take weeks to heal. Third-degree burns are the most serious, presenting with blackened or white dry wounds and charring. Third-degree burns involve injuries past the skin and can include damage to the organs and bones.

Each of these types of burns can be caused by someone’s negligent behavior, whether at a construction site, on a ship at sea, or on an Oakland roadway. Each type of burn carries the risk of nerve and tissue damage, permanent scarring, functional limitations and disability, and death. Regardless of the kind of burn you have suffered, if your burn was caused by someone else’s negligence, a dedicated Oakland burn injury lawyer can help you recover.

Recover Damages With Help From a Seasoned Oakland Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are painful, debilitating, and often expensive to treat. Even a first-degree burn can be extremely painful, become infected, and require medical treatment. Third-degree burns can lead to permanent nerve damage, hypothermia, loss of limb, limited functionality, disability, and even death. The more severe the burn, the more serious the likely fallout, and the more expensive and long-lasting any necessary medical treatment will become. Severe burns can impact your ability to work or perform daily tasks, affect your appearance, and otherwise deeply alter your quality of life. Medical costs can range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have suffered a burn injury as a result of some else’s negligence, you need experienced and effective legal help in your corner. The Oakland burn injury legal team at Venardi Zurada has spent years fighting for the rights and recovery of our clients, ensuring that they get the maximum compensation available for the injuries they have suffered. If you have been burned, we can help.

Advice and Representation for Your Oakland Burn Injury Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious burn in Oakland, contact the seasoned and effective burn injury lawyers at Venardi Zurada, LLP. Call 833-893-6763 or contact us online today for a free consultation. Tell us about your case and let us see how we can help you. You pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

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