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5 Stars

“They helped me out when I got into an accident”

Kate and VZ are the best in the bay! They helped me out when I got into an accident, I can’t say anything bad about them

Robert-Christopher G.
5 Stars

“Call Venardi Zurada for any of your PI needs”

Kate and the VZ team are such a great help. Call Venardi Zurada for any of your PI needs they are the best!

Nohra R.
5 Stars

“Easy to work with”

Great law firm! Easy to work with and exceptional assistance from Andrea. Highly recommend if you are needing any of their services!

Omar S.
5 Stars

“Best of the best”

Best of the best

Rey P.
5 Stars

“Extremely helpful”

Responsive, extremely helpful and friendly

Christopher C.
5 Stars

“Extremely knowledgeable”

Extremely knowledgeable people capable of answering every question I had.

Nikolo C.
5 Stars

“Super friendly”

Exceptional service from Kate!! Super friendly over the phone

Luis S.
5 Stars

“Helped me with all of our needs”

Staff was very knowledgable and helped me with all of our needs

Jack B.
5 Stars

“100% recommend”

One of the best law firms I’ve dealt with 100% recommend

Nelson G.
5 Stars

“Would definitely use them again”

Extremely knowledgeable team, would definitely use them again in the future.

Antonio T.
5 Stars

“I recommend it to everyone”

Awesome. Very kind and caring workers. I recommend it to everyone.

João K.
5 Stars

“This firm is outstanding!”

This firm is outstanding!! Kudos to Noemi, she was very patient and understanding!!

5 Stars

“They are the best!”

Highly recommend Venardi Zurada law firm for their knowledge and service. They are the best!

Cristian R.
5 Stars

“You will not be disappointed!”

I highly recommend this place! You will not be disappointed! They have the best team and service.

Eileen P.
5 Stars

“Absolute Great Service”

Absolute great Service and great Contact. Was able to handle me quickly and get through everything with great customer service.

John S.
5 Stars

“Thanks VZ!”

Kate is unmatched. She is reliable, honest and operates with integrity. Great customer service! Thanks VZ!!

Lila F.
5 Stars

“I felt supported throughout the process”

Great law firm, I felt supported throughout the process. Great professionalism and helped me understand my case options. Highly recommend them!

Zander P.
5 Stars

“Had a great experience over the phone”

Had a great experience over the phone with Kate. She was extremely helpful and attentive with all my questions. Thank you Kate for being so kind!

Itzel T.
5 Stars

“My phone calls and questions never went unanswered”

If you are looking for professionals who truly care and go the extra mile, look no further. My phone calls and questions never went unanswered. Thank you for such amazing work.

Brenda R.
5 Stars

“I felt supported throughout the whole process”

I felt supported throughout the whole process. They were there for me through every step of the way. Everyone there has provided the guidance and assistance I needed. I highly recommend them!

Jose R.
5 Stars

“Truly recommend this law firm”

I had a great experience and truly recommend this law firm. They helped answer all my questions and they also speak Spanish.

Adrian R.
5 Stars

“Highly recommended”

Great and professional service. Highly recommended.

Armando R.
5 Stars

“I definitely recommend Venardi Zurada”

Awsome and profesional team that guides you with any troubles. Also bilingual!! I definitely recommend Venardi Zurada law firm. Thank you for your hard work.

Darleen A.
5 Stars

“Amazing service”

Amazing service, highly recommend ! They are also bilingual which helped so much !

Cecelia O.
5 Stars

“Thank you”

Very satisfied thank you

Fernando B.
5 Stars

“We were able to solve my problem quickly”

Very helpful and friendly people. We were able to solve my problem quickly. Definitely would recommend.

Michael F.
5 Stars

“The staff is hard working and friendly”

Venardi Zurada helped me with my accident. The staff is hard working and friendly. Great team and service.

Oscar C.
5 Stars

“They stand true to providing personalized service”

They stand true to providing personalized service to their clients.

Stephanie H.
5 Stars

“Will recommend to my family and friends”

They have been very useful in walking me through the legal process and helping me understand a lot of things. Will recommend to my family and friends

Andrew P.
5 Stars

“The team was a pleasure to work with”

The team was a pleasure to work with and very professional. Glad I went with them!

Benedict S.
5 Stars

“The staff is so great”

The staff is so great, I had an amazing experience. Best law firm ever

Samantha M.
5 Stars

“Great Service and Care”

Really great service and care!

Itzel C.
5 Stars

“They Really Helped me When I was Down”

Really great people and they really helped me when I was down and out. Thank you!!

Jonathan C.
5 Stars

“Caring Staff”

Really caring staff and nice structure!

Kattia C.
5 Stars

“Highly Recommend”

Highly recommend them! I am very new to legal cases yet I was very thankful for the effective communication and help I got from the team. Speaking Spanish also helped me feel like home, thank you.

Anayely R.
5 Stars

“Great Firm”

Great firm and awesome staff!

Alan V.
5 Stars

“Felt comfortable around the people here”

Friendly and clean environment. Felt comfortable around the people here.

Katarina B.
5 Stars

“Overall Great Firm”

Everyone is professional, overall great firm!

Fabian P.
5 Stars

“Best Customer Service”

Best costumer service! Felt taken care of and listened to.

Brianna R.
5 Stars

“Great Service”

Ariana is part of their team and she is wonderful! Great service.

Alejandra P.
5 Stars

“Highly recommended”

My wife and I needed a good attorney to help us in a personal injury case and Martin Zurada came highly recommended. We met with Martin and we felt very comfortable with him and confident we made the right choice. He proved to be the best we could have hope for in an attorney. We were very impressed with how caring and compassionate he is and very satisfied with the results he achieved for us. Martin is really great attorney to have on you side if you want to be treated with kindness and respect and to achieve good results.

Mark N.
5 Stars

“Extremely qualified”

I found Mr. Martin Zurada to be extremely qualified, knowledgeable and straight forward. He is always available to me and were quick to respond to my questions, whether by phone or email. I appreciated the no-nonsense approach Mr. Martin Zurada took in his communication. While friendly and engaging, he didn’t waste time or suggest tactics to draw the process out. I was personally impressed with the professionalism of Mr. Martin Zurada and communications.

Amarnadh K.
5 Stars

“I love this Group”

I love this Group, they weren’t just my Attorneys they became my friends.

Antionette R.
5 Stars

“I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Martin”

I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Martin. Not only is he a highly experienced lawyer, but, he was always accessible and truly caring. If there is a better law firm out there. I have yet to find it. Martin, and his associate Mark Freeman, are a dynamic combination. If you want a lawyer who is highly intelligent & cares about his clients (on a personal level) then Martin is the lawyer to call.

Harold H.
5 Stars

“Great attorneys”

Great attorneys who work on your case with passion. Highly recommended.

Ray S.
5 Stars

“I appreciate that you do it so graciously, and so professionally”

You have to provide service to people who are hurt, angry, and frustrated and I appreciate that you do it so graciously, and so professionally too.

5 Stars

“Painful business litigation that lasted about 2 years and ended in our favor.”

We’ve had a long and painful business litigation that lasted about 2 years and ended in our favor. If I had to go back and choose once again, it would have been Martin Zurada again. After 2 years I can write a book about being in a lawsuit and Martin would be a highlight: brilliant, experienced, educated, fast, efficient, hardworking, likable, and affordable. If you are choosing an attorney right now and this is why you are on yelp reading the reviews, talk to Martin. 100% quality at 50% price.

Olga O.
5 Stars

“Gave clear honest answers”

I had a consultation with Mr. Martin Zurada and not only he was generous with his time but also gave clear honest answers. Mr. Zurada is a trustworthy lawyer.

Jessica A.
5 Stars

“Martin Zurada is a phenomenal attorney”

Martin Zurada is a phenomenal attorney with insight, experience and integrity. He delivered stellar results on a very complex case for us.

Gilbert V.
5 Stars

“True customer service”

Unparalleled legal representation as well as true customer service.

Darci T.
5 Stars

“He took the complaint to a successful ending in our favor.”

My partner and I had an ugly disputen with an associate in a Fin Dis San Francisco restaurant. Fortunately for us we met Martin (Believe it or not though a recommendation of another attorney that recently had lost a case against Martin) Martin immediately showed his experience in business legal matters in our case and after a short period of time he took the complaint to a successful ending in our favor.

Enrique U.
5 Stars

“Great lawyers”

Great lawyers. Methodical, analytical and persistant.

Gareth L.
5 Stars

“Exceptional lawyer”

Martin Zurada recently helped me navigate through a legal contract quickly. He is always prompt, on point, patient, professional, and kind. He is an exceptional lawyer.

Jeanny M.
5 Stars

“Mark’s advice was spot-on”

I retained Mark after consulting him regarding issues I was experiencing with my employer. Mark’s advice was spot-on, and he was extremely generous with both his time and billing. More importantly, Mark fought diligently for my rights throughout the process ensuring I was not taken advantage of. It can not be overstated how important it is to have a knowledgable attorney with integrity leading the way when you find yourself being bullied by a juggernaut of a corporation. Having Mark in my corner was the best decision I could have possibly made.

Chris C.
5 Stars

“Real people”

They are real people. Caring, honest, up front and work hard and go out of their way to help you. I have recommended them several times.

Diana K.
5 Stars

“Really appreciate”

Thanks for being the barrier between me and the contentious bias on the other side of the slip and fall. I’ve had a tough go of it and really appreciate that your were there to shoulder the negotiation of a close. I wish you the best in your future cases and good health to you and yours.

5 Stars

“They really had my best interest in mind”

I met with Venardi Zurada regarding an issue with a previous employer, both attorneys sat down with me for a couple hours to discuss my potential case. I felt that they listened to what I had to say and they really had my best interest in mind, so I ended up hiring them that same day. Mark Venardi and his assistant Mark Freeman guided me through out the entire process, they always kept great communication with me regarding the status of my case. As we negotiated a settlement, they always reminded me that I have the final say on whether if and when we settle. Finally we reached a fair settlement that got me the best result possible for me! I cant say enough great things about this firm, the attorneys and the entire staff! Thanks again!

5 Stars

“Martin and Mark are both great!”

Martin and Mark are both great! From the beginning they ask all the right questions, they provide proper and timely information, they empathize with your concern and they don’t rest till they find a resolution to your concern. Mother Teresa once said: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to entrust you with my concern and for making sure that once everything was said and done that I would leave better and happier.

Jimmy R.
5 Stars

“Thank you”

I want to thank you for all your splendid work on my behalf and your kindness to my wife while I was laid up. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to me to know my situation was in such good hands. Thanks again for all you did and how we were treated.

Tim W.
5 Stars


It is almost impossible to find a better Attorney than Mark. His professional approach, quick understanding of the issues, development of a sound strategy, meticulous preparation of petitions and presentation in the courts is unbeatable.He is a great human being with outstanding integrity , proficiency and humility. Members of his team are equally efficient and diligent. I highly recommend this law firm.

Yashpal S.
5 Stars

“They never backed down”

I needed a reputable personal injury, firm to represent me against a very big corporation. I was injured by a careless employee who hit me with some equipment. I was completely blameless because I was hit from behind. This big corporation fought tooth and nail for three years, but my attorneys, Mr. Venardi, and Mr. Mark Freeman, and the paralegal, Christina Souza fought for me and brought about the very best result I could have without going to court. Had we gone to court the expenses would have been astronomical and I would have been left with about the same settlement. They were able to negotiate for me without going to court. They never backed down, and I felt like they really had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend them. They are fair. They are ethical, and they are compassionate. I hope I never need an attorney ever again but if YOU do, call I would give them Venardi Zurada LLP and feel comfortable with their staff, especially Mr. Mark Freeman, and Ms. Christina Souza.

Kimberly S.
5 Stars

“I know he'll do an excellent job”

Mark is a thorough, skilled, and effective advocate for his clients. I never hesitate to refer matters to him because I know he'll do an excellent job.

Robert B.
5 Stars

“Compassionate and empathetic support”

Compassionate and empathetic support for their clients while working as a team in a professional, business like manner to reach a common goal.

Christoph L.
5 Stars

“Experienced and high skilled”

Both Mr. Zurada and Mr. Venardi are very experienced and highly-skilled in litigation, but more importantly, they treat their clients with the UTMOST respect and kindness. I cannot stress how incredibly wonderful they both are, as well as their staff. They will work and fight for you as one of their own! I've had the pleasure of working with them throughout two lawsuits, both of which they worked on contingency. They successfully negotiated a great settlement each time. I HIGHLY recommend Venardi and Zurada for any of your litigation needs. They really changed my life during a dark period in my young adult years, and I cannot thank them enough for that.

Meghan B.
5 Stars

“Very cabable hands”

After a bad bike accident caused by an uncovered EBMUD access hole in the middle of the street I was referred by a friend of a friend to Terry Buller to handle recovering damages from my accident. Terry put me in the very capable hands of Martin Zurada 3 years ago to begin work on the case. I was informed at my first meeting that any case involving the city takes a very long time to settle so I was immediately prepared for a long process. Over the course of three years Martin and Christina were in constant contact guiding me through every step of the way. The entire team at Venardi Zurada went above and beyond expectations at every step. I was always well prepared and well informed while navigating the very unfamiliar territory of lawsuits and legal jargon and paperwork. Even through the uncertainty of the pandemic Martin kept things moving and almost three years to the day after the accident we reached a settlement. I am so appreciative of all the hard work that Martin and Christina and the entire team of excellent folks at Venardi Zurada did for me, the knowledge, professionalism, and experience they have to guide people through the process, and of course the results after the long drawn out process were as life changing as the accident itself, but in a much more pleasant way. Thank you.

Shawn V.
5 Stars

“Consistent and amicable”

They were very helpful and capable with my accident personal injury case! It was not an easy or entirely straightforward case. But I got a great settlement and am so happy with their representation! Really thankful to have found them, so glad I worked with them. And Mark Freeman is a great lawyer in their practice!

Stephanie C.
5 Stars

“They were very understanding”

I really appreciated Mark Freeman and Venardi Zurada LLP, they were great help and were very understanding of my predicament. Communication was always available and consistent and amicable. Mark is an amazing lawyer and went above and beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who has issues at work or otherwise and is seeking legal action or justice for any wrongdoing.

Ava B.
5 Stars

“Impeccable professionalism”

Terry Buller handled my sons PI case and he did it with impeccable professionalism, knowledgeable and empathy. His assistant, Christine, was also a great source of knowledge, advice, and compassion through every twist and turn along the way. Terry is stepping back his lead role and is now serving as consultant. I recommend this law group with no reservations and with deep respect!

Lisa C.
5 Stars

“Great Team”

Great team! I called to get information regarding my case, from the start they were very informative and sweet. They are a very well organized firm, and would recommend them to others.

Jennifer Z.
5 Stars

“Very impressed”

I recently contacted Venardi Zuradi about a recent fall. I received an immediate response and was given extremely valuable information on what next steps to take. I was very impressed with the integrity of the firm and their true compassion in helping others. 5 stars to this wonderful team of outstanding lawyers and staff! Many thanks!

Penny E.
5 Stars

“I wasn’t disappointed”

I was recommended by a friend and I wasn’t disappointed everyone was extremely helpful and so welcoming. They took me step by step and made sure I understood everything. I definitely recommend this place to anyone and know that your are going to be taken care of and treated with the upmost respect.

Alex G.
5 Stars

“Very happy”

We were very happy with being represented by this law firm. Martin Zurada is very professional and knowledgeable and he has helped us before and we highly recomend him should you need legal representation . Also we think Christina Souza is a great asset to his firm and always was available to, us. Thank you so much, these are really nice people.

Patricia P.
5 Stars

“I had the right firm”

Vernardi Zurada fought for me and got me a very good settlement even though my case was difficult. From the first time I spoke with attorney Blair, I new I had the right law firm, and Christina, their legal secretary, is amazing. I definitely recommend them and I would hire them again. Thanks again

Kathy W.
5 Stars

“Well organized”

Nobody likes dealing with the law after injury. However, I found Venardi Zurada firm to be well organized, they helped the process seem smooth and easy while I was recovering.

Lloyd R.
5 Stars

“I highly recommend”

I highly recommend Martin Zurada as an attorney. He was referred to me by a family friend. I'm so happy she encouraged me to hire him. I was so pleased with his work! I believe his attention to detail, communication skills, work ethic, guidance, and many years of expertise helped me win the case!! It was stressful going into the intense proceedings, but having Martin on my side helped ease my mind. He and his team offered impeccable service in the office, on the phone, and super responsive even on email. I felt that he cared and went all in to fight for me. I did not feel alone in this difficult time. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I will call on Venardi Zurada again. Thanks, Martin!

Anna W.
5 Stars

“They have a winning track record”

I have done business with this firm for many years and I still refer friends and family whenever I have an injury or car accident I call Venardi Zurada, as a matter of fact they are on speed dial. They have a winning track record. Venardi Zurada is EFFICIENT, COMMITTED, COMPASSIONATE and PROFESSIONAL. I have one suggestion… Take your case to them and they take care of the rest so you can relax and work on your recovery with a piece of mind. If I could give them 20 stars I would.

Geraldine W.
5 Stars

“Couldn’t be more please”

Couldn't be more pleased and happy to recommend the services of Terry Buller (attorney), an effective, caring, and responsive advocate, and Christina Souza (paralegal), who is extremely helpful, organized, and efficient.

Linda H.
5 Stars

“Excellent and professional work”

The Venardi Zurada LLP handled my case very well!. Special thank you to Mark Freeman and Christina Souza for your excellent and professional work.

Angie A.
5 Stars

“I strongly recommend”

My mom passed away in a horrible car accident back in June. I was distraught and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. I decided to hire consult an attorney to handle the insurance and legal aspects of the accident. From the moment I talked with Mark Venardi and Christina Souza, I felt comfortable and confident that they would not only do their best to get the best possible outcome, but to also take some of the stress off of me. Christina always responded back in a timely manner, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Any questions I had were answered clearly. Mark and Christina made sure they explored all possible avenues. I am so grateful for their dedication on the case, the compassion they showed and excellent communication. I strongly recommend Mark Venardi and Christina Sousa as a personal injury attorney.

Teresa P.
5 Stars

“Thank you for the hard work”

When my wife was involved in a car 8 car accident we reach out to law office of Martin Zurada. With the help of Christina Souza and Martin, my wife ordeal was taken care of during the entire ordeal. They help us cope with any problems and truly batted for us . Thank u for the hard work and professionalism.

Carlos M.
5 Stars

“These guys played every card right”

Incredible service. My injury occurred before the pandemic and then the pandemic hit and it was impossible to get a court date and that stalled things. These guys played every card right. I was so impressed with their competency and knowledge of what they were doing. The final result was beyond my expectations. Christina was wonderful and kept me informed and answered my questions promptly. Mark Venardi was great to work with. A genius. Although I never wanna have to use their services again I love these guys.

Jack D.
5 Stars

“Very easy to work with”

Martin, Tony, Christina and the Venardi Zurada team are wonderful to work with. I am so grateful to them for listening to me and working to resolve my case. Martin was very easy to work with and explained each step in the process. I was impressed by how quickly he understood a complex situation and then explained the applicable employment laws. This team made a big difference in my life during a stressful time and I'm so glad they represented me!

Ally S.
5 Stars

“Amazing person”

Venardi Zurada law firm represented me in an employment case. My attorney was Martin Zurada. He is an amazing person and excellent lawyer! He handled my case with a lot of care. He was with me every step of the way keeping me well informed. He always gave me his honest opinion and handled my case with professionalism and sensitivity. Martin, thank you for taking on my case when others turned me away. You fought for me and cared about me. Thank you for your kindness, help and support. I’m very grateful.

Oksana C.
5 Stars


They are very informative and professional!

Hai Doung S.
5 Stars

“I am grateful for the help”

I am very grateful for the help I received from Venardi Zurada LLP, Oakland lawyers, especially the team, Terry, Martin, Tony, and Christina. Their service always exceeded my expectations. At any time I need them they are always available to help and highly professional. I recommend Venardi Zurada LLP, Oakland which has helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. Great job, team!

Tina B.
5 Stars

“A seamless process working with them”

Christina, Mark, Terry & Martin were amazing! It was such a seamless process working with them. I came to them looking for help with a bad car accident and they agreed to take on my case. They were very attentive to details and answered all my questions. I highly recommend them!

Kirk R.
5 Stars

“A friend recommended”

A friend recommended Venardi-Zurada to me and I am so glad she did! Mark Venardi, Martin Zurada and Christina Souza were professional, supportive and used their expertise to reach the best outcome for my case. I'm happy to recommend this firm.

Laura P.
5 Stars

“Amazing team”

Terry, Mark, Andrea and Christina are an amazing team! It was reassuring knowing that they are fighting for your best interests. They are personable, professional and experienced. I have been very satisfied working with them and I have recommended them to friends. Trust these wonderful people with your legal needs.

Russell W.
5 Stars

“Excellent about keeping me up to date”

Attorney Tony Venardi and his Paralegal Christina Souza were great to work with following my auto accident. Tony was very attentive to my injury and needs, and Christina was excellent about keeping me up to date with the settlement. Again, highly recommended for those who have suffered injury following an accident. Top notch - five star!

Daniel V.
5 Stars

“Professional, thorough, and patient”

My experience was a manageable one in a difficult situation. Martin Zurada and his associates were professional, thorough, and patient with me, communication was great and I would definitely recommend them.

Patricia D.
5 Stars

“Very professional and empathetic team”

Highly recommended for your legal services. Very professional and empathetic team. They ensured that accident injury case was resolved satisfactorily and we very courteous throughout the ordeal. In addition, they negotiated with health insurance companies on my behalf so I have to deal with with calls for medical reimbursement

Chijioke J.
5 Stars

“Super competent attorneys”

Finding super competent attorneys to help you fight the car insurance company or employer for your rights and win takes work. I have known Martin and Mark for many years, and I am in awe of their winning record and the professionalism they put into their cases. Most importantly, they accept cases on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay unless they win your case. So, don't look any further. Contact Martin and Mark to talk about your case.

Artur U.
5 Stars

“Genuinely cares about you”

If you are looking for a law firm that genuinely cares about you, the client - look no further! The staff at Venardi Zurada take the time to listen, empathize, and rely on their years of experience to navigate a path forward. It is no wonder they have so many 5-star reviews.

Lex N.
5 Stars

“Professional and showed great empathy”

Professional and showed great empathy in an otherwise horrible situation. Definitely recommend!

Adrian R.
5 Stars

“They were very kind”

I am so grateful for everything that my lawyer, Terry Buller, and paralegal Christina Souza did to settle my personal injury case after I was hit by a car in a crosswalk. They were very kind during a time of great pain and distress. They were so organized and efficient and managed everything with the other party's insurance, my medical insurance and Medicare - which would have been a nightmare for me to have to deal with after the accident. I am very pleased with the settlement they obtained and would very highly recommend them and the others at Venardi Zurada, LLP.

Daryl G.
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