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4 Traffic Laws California Motorists Do NOT Follow


Even if you are careful, attentive, and follow all Rules of the Road established by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, not everyone is as cautious and law-abiding. During any given trip, you are sharing the road with motorists who do not comply with the rules intended for everyone’s safety. Some are in a rush to get to their final destination, while others failed to spot a traffic signal or did not see a vehicle traveling in their blind spot.

Regardless of the reasons, drivers who do not abide by traffic laws put others at risk of serious motor vehicle collisions. You could be injured while traveling in a car, riding your bicycle, or walking, so you should talk to an Oakland car accidents attorney right away about your legal options. You are also in a better position to protect yourself when you know the top traffic laws other drivers ignore.

  1. Speed Limit Laws: Officials base speed limits on many different factors, including road conditions, traffic patterns, surrounding physical characteristics, and others. When motorists do not comply, the effects of these factors are magnified. Speeding drivers have less time to identify a threat, make a decision on how to react, and take evasive maneuvers, increasing the potential for serious crashes.
  1. Ban on Cell Phone Use: Despite laws prohibiting texting, talking on the phone, and other cell phone use, too many motorists still refuse to put down their portable devices while driving. Interacting with a phone requires visual, manual, and cognitive tasks, all of which affect the ability to safely operate the vehicle. Plus, there are other forms of distracted driving that can be dangerous, including eating, drinking, grooming, and adjusting the radio.
  1. Traffic Signs and Signals: There are obvious traffic violations when a motorist blows through a red light or stop sign, but other subtle acts are against the law and equally dangerous. The potential for severe auto crashes increases when a driver:
  • Fails to come to a complete stop before turning right;
  • Hits the gas pedal to make it through a yellow light;
  • Makes an illegal left turn or lane change; or,
  • Turns right at an intersection where prohibited by signs.

In addition, you should note that some traffic laws are not governed by signage. Rules on right-of-way and yielding are usually not posted, and many drivers are not aware of them.

  1. Drunk Driving Laws: California is harsh on DUI, but some motorists still engage in “tipsy” driving after a few drinks. This is risky because their driving may be impaired – even when under the legal limit of .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

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