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How Experts Support Your Rights In A California Car Accident Case


Evidence plays a critical role in a California car accident claim, both for proving fault of the other driver and establishing the losses you suffered as a result of being injured. It comes in many forms, both tangible and intangible, and can involve extremely complex, technical subject matter. To better understand and communicate these topics, parties to a motor vehicle crash case often rely on experts. As stated in the California Evidence Code, these individuals are qualified to testify as experts when they have special knowledge, training, skill, or experience in a particular field. Attorneys also count on a variety of experts for consultation purposes when developing strategy.

There is a good chance that one or more experts will be participating in your case after an auto collision, and you can be sure that the opposing side will use them to defend your claim. Your Oakland car accidents lawyer can explain how experts might be involved, but you should be aware of the basics on how they support your rights.

Expert Assistance with Proving Fault

The basis of motor vehicle collisions is negligence, which requires you to show that the incident occurred because the at-fault motorist failed to drive safely. The direct causes and contributing factors are essential for proving fault; they are also among the most difficult concepts to prove. Assessing cause requires in-depth knowledge about complicated scientific concepts and the laws of physics.

Accident reconstruction specialists use their expertise to recreate the incident. They are able to quantify and measure details like speed, velocity, point and angle of impact, and other factors. These details can pinpoint who was at fault and are more reliable than eyewitness accounts. An accident reconstruction expert may evaluate the scene after the crash, but they can also work from photographs and surveillance video.

 Help with Establishing Losses

Part of your compensation in an auto crash claim is economic damages, such as medical costs and lost income. These are provable by documents like receipts and invoices. Another portion is noneconomic damages, which aim to compensate you for how your injuries affect your life. They are personal and subjective to your experience, so there can be challenges in conveying your pain and suffering to an insurer or jury.

Medical experts help laypersons understand your noneconomic losses by reviewing medical records on:

  • The specific diagnosis of your injuries;
  • Treatment that you endured and what care you will require in the future; and,
  • Your prognosis and whether you will suffer from permanent disability or long-term complications.

In addition, if you seek to claim compensation for future earning capacity, it may be necessary to retain financial analysts. They evaluate your job, industry, and employment expectancy to determine the income you would make until retirement or a return to the workforce.

Speak to an Oakland Car Accident Attorney About Experts and Strategy

This information about the role of experts is useful, and our team at Venardi Zurada, LLP will detail how we work with them for your case. To learn more, please contact our offices in Oakland, and Walnut Creek, CA to set up a free consultation with a skilled auto crash lawyer.


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