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California Motorcycle Accidents Lead To Serious Lower Extremities Injuries


Motorcycle enthusiasts are well-aware that serious injuries are a common threat in accidents, but you may not know how the vehicle’s design impacts the nature and severity of harm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) covered this topic in a publication on Lower Extremity Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes, revealing that the rider’s feet, ankles, shins, thighs, and hips are far more likely to sustain trauma. Because we rely on our lower body for mobility, it is not surprising to learn that some of the biggest losses for victims are medical costs – which start at $21,000 for hospitalization alone. Other losses add up quickly, since lower extremity injuries could render you permanently disabled and unable to work.

If you suffered injuries to your lower part in a motorcycle crash, it is important to consult with an Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer right away. You will realize that legal representation is critical after reviewing the unique complications of lower extremities injuries.

Statistics Reveal Serious Lower Extremity Injuries to Victims

In general, the data reveals that the number of deaths and injuries to riders is disproportionately higher for motorcycle accidents than other vehicle collisions. Breaking down the numbers also reveals some disturbing trends regarding injuries to the lower body:

  • Almost half of all injury-causing motorcycle crashes cause trauma to the lower extremities. Upper body injuries come in second at 40 percent.
  • Approximately 60 percent of all front and side impact accidents lead to incapacitating injuries to the rider.
  • Of all lower extremities, the victim’s leg is most likely to sustain harm in a motorcycle collision, usually a bone fracture. The pelvis, knee, and thigh fall next in terms of lower body parts affected.
  • While hip injuries account for just 4 percent of all lower body injuries in motorcycle crashes, they tend to be more debilitating. More than a third of all hip trauma involves dislocation. 

Unique Motorcycle Features and Factors Affect Injuries

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the same types of negligence that contribute to other auto crashes, often a violation of California traffic laws. However, there are additional factors that lead to collisions and make lower extremities injuries more likely:

  • Two-wheeled vehicles are less balanced and stable, so the impacts of potholes, sharp curves, and slick roadways are more pronounced.
  • Motorcycles do not have a metal cage to protect them from impact, and the lack of a barrier does not keep the rider in place. Motorcyclists will almost always be ejected, leading to serious secondary impacts when the victim hits the ground.
  • Motorcycles are lower in profile and less visible to other motorists, who may engage in traffic maneuvers without even seeing a rider.

Set up a Free Consultation with an Oakland, CA Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Lower extremity injuries may be more common in motorcycle collisions, but you may qualify to pursue an at-fault driver regardless of what part of your body was hurt. To learn more about how our lawyers can assist with your legal options, please contact Venardi Zurada, LLP to set up a free consultation at our offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek, CA.


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