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Monthly Archives: October 2023


Electrocution Accidents on California Construction Sites

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

The average California construction site is a dangerous workplace even when all safety practices are observed, and there are four particular types of injuries that put employees at risk. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that these Focus Four Hazards are responsible for almost 60 percent of all deaths in… Read More »

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Risks of Keeping Insurance Out of a California Car Accident

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in California, which is why officials enacted mandatory insurance laws to protect victims who are injured by negligent drivers. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) requires motorists to carry an insurance policy that pays $15,000 for injuries or death to one person, and $30,000 when there… Read More »

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Is Lane Splitting by Bicycles Legal in California?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

If you ride your bike around the Bay Area for transportation, exercise, or fun, you are aware that the rules of the road apply to you. The California Driver’s Handbook states that the laws are for all road users, including motorcycle riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians. One that you might wonder about is lane splitting,… Read More »

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What Happens at a Deposition in a California Personal Injury Case?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

If you were injured in an accident and take legal action to seek monetary damages, it is likely that you will be called for a deposition by opposing counsel. California discovery rules cover depositions, which are considered a type of oral discovery. Written discovery, such as interrogatories and requests for documents, are also important… Read More »

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Railroad Workers Have Rights When Exposed to Hazardous Chemicals

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

People across the US rely on freight trains as an important lifeline for getting a wide range of products to their final destination, but the workplace environment is a dangerous one for railroad workers. According to data from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), there are almost 9,000 train accidents annually, including incidents in yards,… Read More »

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Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in Oakland

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

It may surprise you to learn that motorcycle accidents make up just a small percentage of the total traffic crashes across the US, but there are many other statistics that are shocking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that almost 5,600 motorcycle riders are killed in collisions annually, which is 14 percent… Read More »

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5 Facts to Know About Drowning Accidents at California Park District Pools

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Heading down to the park district pool is an ideal way to cool off in the hot California sun, and there are plenty of options in the Bay Area to go for a swim. Unfortunately, the risk of drowning accidents persists regardless of the body of water. Stop Drowning Now, an organization that seeks… Read More »

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Does California Follow the One-Bite Rule or Strict Liability for Dog Bites?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Dogs are one of America’s favorite pets, and you probably know numerous family, friends, and neighbors who have a dog even if you do not. However, as loyal and loving as they seem, canines are still animals that can be unpredictable. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that around 316,400… Read More »

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