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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / E Scooter Accident / Do Recent Advancements Make E-Scooters Safer?

Do Recent Advancements Make E-Scooters Safer?


Recent figures indicate that there are approximately 150 e-scooter sharing programs operating throughout the US, and they have proven extremely successful in large urban centers like the Bay Area. According to results from a survey on usage, almost a quarter of respondents had already used an electric scooter sharing service and 69 percent admitted that these vehicles are an excellent form of transportation. Whether they ride for personal errands, commuting, or pleasure, more than half of respondents agreed that the e-scooter experience is enjoyable.

However, among those who had never used an e-scooter, there was a crucial finding: Respondents’ concerns about safety were the primary reason. This perception is perhaps what prompted several e-scooter sharing companies to upped their efforts to make the vehicles safer, sturdier, and less prone to be involved in Oakland e-scooter accidents. Some of the recent advancements include:

Damage Sensors

This technology is essentially a self-diagnostic tool that assesses the condition of the scooter and reports back regarding damage. The sensors alert mechanics of the e-scooter sharing service, who can more easily identify the affected vehicle, location, and specific issue that needs addressing. These employees get the machine off the road faster, so they do not present a risk of harm to users.

Seamless Body and Exterior

E-scooter sharing services have drawn from their design and engineering teams to create a more streamlined, sleeker vehicle. Less moving parts and exposed hardware reduces the potential for damage and vandalism, which can make the e-scooter much more dangerous when the next user climbs aboard.

Theft Prevention

Another new e-scooter safety feature builds on the operating system – i.e., the “brain” of the vehicle. Advanced encryption deters theft by disabling the scooter under circumstances indicating hacking or theft.

Puncture Resistant Tires

With e-scooters being so popular in urban areas, you can expect more damage and wear and tear to tires. Weak road infrastructure leads to potholes, cracks, and road surface hazards; increased motorized vehicle traffic in the city means more screws, parts, and sharp objects on the street. E-scooter sharing companies have developed puncture resistant tires that reduce the potential for blowouts. Plus, the tires are tied into the telecommunications network and damage sensors. Mechanics know about problems and can make repairs right away.

Anti-Tipping Kickstands

E-scooters that do not remain upright are more prone to damage, which renders them hazardous and increases the potential for accidents. In addition, the upgraded kickstands prevent the vehicle from tipping over onto an unsuspecting rider.

Consult with an Oakland E-Scooter Accident Attorney for Free

These advancements may make e-scooters safer, but they cannot completely prevent accidents when you are sharing the road with negligent motorists. Fortunately, you may have legal options for recovering compensation if you were hurt in a collision. For more information about your rights, please contact Venardi Zurada, LLP to set up a free case evaluation at our offices in Oakland or Walnut Creek, CA. Our e-scooter accident lawyers can assess your situation and determine how to proceed with your claim.

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