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Ask Your Doctor These Questions About Treatment for Accidental Injuries in California


You know the importance of seeking appropriate medical care when faced with a health-related issue, so you should visit your doctor after being injured in any type of accident. Depending on how severely you were hurt, you have multiple options for treatment: WebMD offers suggestions on whether the emergency room, urgent care, or some other option best serves your medical needs.

However, this visit to a health care provider will be slightly different from other appointments. Though proper care is always the focus, it is important to obtain information that will also support your legal rights.  You need to explain all of your injuries to your doctors.  The reality is that they may not write everything down in your medical records but it is important for you to be thorough.

Your Oakland personal injury attorney will explain why the details are critical for your claim for compensation, but make sure to ask your treating physician the following questions:

What is the prognosis for someone with the same injuries? Every patient’s case is different, but your physician should be able to tell you about potential outcomes for victims with similar injuries. Depending on how severely you were hurt, you may continue to experience some pain and discomfort; some victims may fully recover from their injuries after a few weeks or months, but some only partially recover or never recover. 

Will I be permanently disabled or suffer long-term implications? If you were involved in a serious crash, you could suffer complications that affect your health in the long term. Many types of injuries lead to chronic medical issues, particularly spinal injuries such as:

  • Whiplash which may cause damage to facet joints and surrounding nerves;
  • Herniated or bulging discs in the spine; and,
  • Bursitis.

For severe bodily harm, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord trauma, and damage to internal organs, you may experience significant permanent disability. 

Should I limit physical activities? Based upon your diagnosis, your physician may recommend that you avoid overexertion and any activities that could exacerbate or lead to re-injury. You may not be able to participate in your favorite pastimes, engage with your family, or contribute to the household. Plus, your doctor may tell you to take time off work to recover or only work in a limited capacity. 

What can I do for at-home care? Besides limiting physical activities, your health care providers may offer information on what you can do to support your recovery at home. It is important to follow all doctor’s orders, both for your health and your legal rights. 

What medications should I take for pain? If you experience pain or discomfort, ask your doctor about a prescription for pain management or recommendations for an over-the-counter option. In many cases, you will be entitled to compensation for drug costs – as well as other expenses related to medical treatment.

Count on an Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer for Legal Help 

While you can trust your doctor to treat injuries incurred in an accident, you can rely on our attorneys at Venardi Zurada, LLP to help with the legal details. We can use this information to support your claim for compensation, so you are in a better position to get the damages you deserve as a victim. To learn more, please contact our firm to schedule a no-cost case assessment at our offices.


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