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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Cruise Ship Accident / Overserving On California Cruises Puts All Passengers At Risk

Overserving On California Cruises Puts All Passengers At Risk


When enjoying a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail, you know the effects of alcohol on your body. After just one drink, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises and causes various implications for the human body. Speech is slurred, vision becomes blurry, and reflexes are delayed. The individual may become belligerent and moody, while also experiencing lack of muscle coordination and exhibiting poor judgment. Obviously, alcohol has the same impacts for passengers onboard a California cruise vacation. However, there are some factors that heighten the safety issues as compared to getting tipsy around home.

Cruise companies expect that passengers will cut loose and toss back a few while on vacation, but crews still have a duty to ensure responsible alcohol service for guests. Being overserved increases the potential for injury-causing accidents, while other drunken passengers can also put your safety at risk. An Oakland cruise ship accident lawyer can explain your legal options if you were hurt because of negligent alcohol service, but some information on the dangers is also helpful. 

Dangers Related to Cruise Vacations

After imbibing a bit too much at home or while out, the biggest threat to your safety is probably falling off the bar stool. The situation is quite different on a cruise when you are surrounded by amenities, attractions, and activities. If crew members overserve you, coordination suffers and judgment becomes sketchy, leading you to take physical risks that you might not normally. Alcohol does NOT mix with:

  • Pools, wave pools, surf riders, water slides, and other water-based adventures;
  • Hot tubs and saunas, where the heat intensifies the dangerous effects of alcohol;
  • Zip lines and rock climbing walls;
  • Shore excursions for hiking, white water rafting, fishing, and other activities; and,
  • Water-based extreme sports, such as parasailing, riding wave runners and jet skis, tubing, and many others. 

The cruise ship crew is at least partly responsible for making sure that they do not overserve you, or any of the other passengers, and cause injuries. 

Safety Risks from Other Drunken Passengers

Your night could be ruined during an encounter with an obnoxious, aggressive guest who was served too much alcohol by one or more bartenders on the ship. With just a glance or word, you could set off a drunken boor into a physical altercation and suffer serious injuries. Plus, someone impaired by alcohol might not be able to take “No” for an answer, putting you at risk of sexual assault.

Keep in mind that the safety threat is substantial considering the cruise ship environment. An intoxicated passenger seeking to extend the fight or pursue a romantic interest can easily follow the target back to his or her cabin.

Our Oakland Cruise Ship Accidents Attorneys Will Pursue Available Remedies

Adults are clearly responsible for their own conduct and decisions on a cruise, but cruise ship operators and crew may be liable when their negligence causes injuries. For more information about your remedies, please contact Venardi Zurada, LLP to schedule a free consultation at our offices in Oakland or Walnut Creek, CA.

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