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Monthly Archives: November 2023


How Does Liability Work for Toxic Torts?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Under California law, a tort is a legal wrongdoing that causes financial, physical, or other harm to someone, giving the victim the right to seek damages for the losses that result. There are many types of torts, including traffic crashes, slip and falls, and medical malpractice, as well as a specific class termed toxic… Read More »

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Facts About Use of Physical Restraints in California

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

When someone with a mental or emotional disorder is having an outburst, the priority goal is to prevent them from hurting themselves and others. In some assisted living settings, providers accomplish this goal through use of physical restraints. However, California regulations on restraints and seclusion are extremely restrictive regarding the situations they may be… Read More »

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Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) from Accidents

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Your head is always vulnerable in an accident because of its weight and unstable position atop your neck, as well as the fact that it is protecting a very important organ. The brain is exposed to significant trauma in a violent impact, leading to traumatic brain injury (TBI). One specific type is Diffuse Axonal… Read More »

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What is Included with Maintenance and Cure After a Maritime Accident?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

There are some terms associated with workplace accidents that you may recognize, such as lost wages, total and partial disability, and death benefits. However, if you work in the maritime industry and suffered injuries in an accident, there is one that may not be so familiar. Maintenance and cure. The concept comes from common… Read More »

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Prepare Your Teen on What to do After a Pedestrian Accident in California

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Parents wish to be at their child’s side at all times, but you know that teens will be venturing out and gaining independence as they grow older. When they do, their most common form of transportation around Oakland will likely be walking. While it is mostly safe to get around on foot, teens are… Read More »

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How Long Do I Have to File a Birth Injury Suit for Cerebral Palsy in California?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

It is devastating to learn that your child developed cerebral palsy at some point during pregnancy or delivery, but this scenario is more common than you expect. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that around 1 in 345 children in the US have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Currently, there… Read More »

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What are My Options for Settling a California Wrongful Death Case?

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

If a loved one is killed because of the negligent, reckless, or intentional acts of another party, you might know that you have rights under California law. A wrongful death claim is a legal remedy for survivors, which is reassuring for the families of the thousands of deceased victims. According to the US Centers… Read More »

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Evidence for a California Nursing Home Abuse Case

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

When you suspect a loved one has been subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect, your first priorities are getting the resident to safety and reporting the misconduct to the California Department of Aging. However, soon after, you may consider legal remedies to hold the assisted living facility accountable for wrongdoing. Your loved one… Read More »

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