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Walnut Creek Toxic Tort Lawyer

Even if you do not fully grasp the notion of a toxic tort, there is a good chance that you are well-familiar with some of the biggest, most egregious legal actions arising out of misconduct by California corporations. Companies ignore safety regulations and put countless people at risk when they dump hazardous chemicals, pollute our water and air, and produce dangerous consumer goods in pursuit of profits. These wrongs can cause serious medical conditions, for which victims may have legal recourse through a toxic tort case.

When you are up against a massive corporation with a large legal department, it is clear that you need an experienced Walnut Creek toxic tort lawyer to assist with your case. Our attorneys at Venardi Zurada LLP are dedicated to holding these companies accountable for the harm they cause you and entire communities. Please contact our office today to set up a free case evaluation, and read on for some important information about how toxic tort cases work.

Understanding Toxic Torts

The basis for this type of personal injury action is exposure to harmful chemicals and substances, which may come through contamination to soil, groundwater, or air. Toxic tort cases may also stem from dangerous materials contained in consumer goods. As a result of exposure by drinking, breathing, ingesting, or other consumption of these substances, victims may suffer:

  • Asthma, respiratory conditions, and lung disorders, such as from tobacco products;
  • Rashes, inflammation, and skin diseases;
  • Cancer from carcinogens in Roundup weed killer, asbestos in baby powder, benzene in sunscreen, and NDMA in pharmaceutical products; and
  • Brain and nerve damage resulting from chemicals in industrial solvents, gases, and materials.

Some toxic torts arise out of a single contamination or event, but victims may still suffer losses while a manufacturer attempts to remediate. However, the cases that often make news headlines are those where the company knew of the hazards for many years, yet continued selling the product to boost revenue.

Legal Process for Toxic Tort Cases

Exposure to harmful substances often affects large groups of people who are similarly situated in terms of their injuries and losses. As a result, many individual personal injury claims involving the same facts are consolidated together as a toxic tort class action. There is no set number of plaintiffs, so your case might proceed with dozens or thousands of affected victims.

At Venardi Zurada LLP, our Walnut Creek toxic tort attorneys are prepared to pursue all available remedies that apply to you individually, but we are ready to help you navigate the legal process through a class action. It is our goal to ensure you get fair compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses you sustain.

Discuss Your Legal Remedies with a Walnut Creek Toxic Tort Lawyer

As you can see from this overview, California toxic tort cases can be extremely complex. Instead of putting your rights at risk when dealing with a huge, multi-national corporation, trust our team at Venardi Zurada LLP to protect your interests. Please contact our office today at 833-893-6763 or go online to schedule your no-cost appointment.

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