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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer / Oakland Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Oakland Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

In the Oakland area, motor vehicle collisions can happen almost anywhere and at any time of the day. From high-speed collisions on the freeway to low-speed collisions that occur in parking lots or on neighborhood streets in Oakland, many crashes result in severe and debilitating injuries. These accidents can be particularly devastating when you realize that another motorist’s negligence or reckless behavior caused the collision. An experienced Oakland motor vehicle accident lawyer at our firm can evaluate your case today and can discuss options for filing a claim in order to seek financial compensation.

Most Common Causes of Oakland Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor vehicle collisions in Oakland have many different causes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identifies a wide variety of causes for collisions in Oakland and across the country, including but not limited to the following:

  • Aggressive driving, which can include behaviors behind the wheel that include speeding, running red lights, and road rage;
  • Distracted driving, including many different kinds of distractions that take the driver’s hands, mind, or eyes away from a focus on the road;
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving, which can occur whenever a motorist is not sufficiently rested to drive safely;
  • Impaired driving, including drunk or drugged driving, as well as driving when using prescription medications that can have dangerous side effects;
  • Inclement weather, such as rain or windy condition;
  • Motor vehicle defects;
  • Negligent motor vehicle maintenance; and
  • Roadway problems, including various kinds of road defects.

Steps for Filing a Claim for Compensation After an Oakland Motor Vehicle Collision

If you want to seek compensation after an Oakland motor vehicle wreck, what steps should you take? Our motor vehicle accident lawyers in Oakland recommend the following:

  • Report the accident to your own auto insurer as soon as possible, but avoid discussing any subjective elements about the collision since the insurance company will try to use any information to avoid paying out a claim;
  • Hire a lawyer to begin discussing your case and to determine how to move forward with an auto insurance claim and/or a lawsuit;
  • Determine whether to file a first-party auto insurance claim through your own auto insurer or to file a third-party claim through the at-fault party’s auto insurer;
  • Negotiate for a reasonable settlement with the auto insurer;
  • File a motor vehicle accident lawsuit if you cannot obtain full and fair compensation through an auto insurance claim.

Contact Our Oakland Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Motor vehicle accidents in and around Oakland can be devastating. Not only can motor vehicle collisions result in temporary disabilities due to serious injuries, but injuries can also be life-threatening and may result in permanent disabilities. If another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing caused the accident in which you got hurt, it is critical to find out more about seeking financial compensation. One of our dedicated and aggressive Oakland motor vehicle accident lawyers can begin working with you today on your claim. Contact Venardi Zurada for more information and to get started on your lawsuit.

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