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Walnut Creek Race & Color Discrimination Lawyer

A worker’s race or color has nothing to do with their ability to perform at their job, yet unfortunately many employers discriminate against their employees or applicants based on these very traits. Racial discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by state and federal law, so if you believe that you have been subjected to race or color discrimination in the workplace the Walnut Creek race & color discrimination lawyers at Venardi Zurada, LLP are here to help. Call or contact our office today to schedule an evaluation of your case now.

Defining Workplace Racial Discrimination

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee or applicant differently and engages in adverse employment actions because of their actual or perceived belonging to a protected class. Two such protected characteristics are a person’s race and color. It is important to note that an employee or applicant does not actually have to belong to a particular race in order to be the victim of racial discrimination. So long as an employer engages in negative workplace behavior based on their perception of race or color an employee has a claim, regardless of whether or not they are actually members of a certain race.

Adverse employment actions cover a wide range of behaviors and actions, but some of the most common examples include the following in a race discrimination case:

  • Refusing to hire,
  • Demoting,
  • Refusing to promote,
  • Refusing to train or provide work-based education,
  • Denial of additional benefits,
  • Poor performance reviews,
  • Scheduling poor work hours,
  • Assigning difficult or impossible workloads,
  • Reassignment to a less desirable work location,
  • Suspension,
  • Disciplinary action, and
  • Wrongful termination.

An experienced racial discrimination lawyer like those at Venardi Zurada, LLP can review the details of your case to determine whether you have a claim for race or color discrimination against your employer.

California CROWN Act

California was the first state in the country to also enact the CROWN Act, which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees or applicants based on their natural hair or hairstyles associated with a particular race. Common examples of these hairstyles include locs, twists, braids, and afros in addition to wearing the hair in a natural, textured curly manner. The CROWN Act is an additional element to the definition of racial discrimination in a California workplace that provides additional protection to workers.

Compensation for Race and Color Discrimination

If an employer is found liable in a race or color discrimination claim, the employees or applicants affected by that discrimination are entitled to a number of damages in the case. This can include any back pay with interest, front pay, increased income from a raise or promotion, additional benefits, pension benefits, bonus payments, and noneconomic damages for any pain and suffering or emotional distress caused by the workplace discrimination. To learn more about what your case might be worth, talk to our office today.

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Race and color-based discrimination in the workplace is never appropriate, and employers that engage in this type of behavior deserve to be held liable for their actions. If you are interested in seeking a claim against your employer, talk to the Walnut Creek race and color discrimination lawyers at Venardi Zurada, LLP today.

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