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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer / Walnut Creek Maritime Accident Lawyer 

Walnut Creek Maritime Accident Lawyer

Maritime employees perform job tasks in one of the most dangerous workplaces in the US, regularly encountering physical, chemical, biological, and many other hazards. It is not surprising to learn that those who work on vessels, docks, and piers experience a fatality rate at almost six times that of all other employees. Many other maritime workers are hurt in on-the-job accidents or suffer from occupational diseases. Upper and lower extremities, as well as back injuries, lead to high disability rates among the seafaring workforce.

While workers in other industries enjoy the protections of state workers’ compensation laws, a different legal system applies to injured maritime employees. Our team at Venardi Zurada LLP is knowledgeable about the relevant laws, so we will seek all available monetary damages for your losses. Please contact us to set up a no-cost case review with a Walnut Creek maritime accident lawyer today. You can also read on for an overview of our legal services.

Solid Legal Representation for All Maritime Accidents

The Jones Act is a federal law that applies to a wide range of employees who spend at least 30 percent of their work-related activities on vessels on navigable waters. There are very specific formulas for assessing the percentage of work, along with detailed definitions that dictate whether an employee qualifies for Jones Act protections. We have extensive experience representing:

  • Seamen who are hurt while working on cruise ships, car and passenger ferries, and recreational tour boats;
  • Workers, crew members, and deck hands on commercial fishing vessels;
  • Captains, engineers, and other employees on tug and barge operations; and
  • Passengers on cruise ships and other watercraft who are injured because of slip and falls, tripping accidents, falling overboard, and other incidents.

Compensation for Injured Maritime Employees

If you do qualify to seek legal remedies under the Jones Act, there are two key distinctions to note compared to workers’ comp:

  1. You do need to prove that your employer was negligent by not providing a safe workplace for maritime employees; and,
  2. You qualify to recover types of damages that are not available under workers’ compensation laws. In addition to amounts for medical costs and lost wages, you may be entitled to pain and suffering, emotional distress, diminished quality of life, and many other damages.

Our Walnut Creek maritime accident attorneys at Venardi Zurada LLP will assist with all essential tasks to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve under the Jones Act. We will aggressively fight on your behalf in settlement discussions, but we are ready to take your case to court to obtain fair, reasonable amounts for your losses.

Call Now to Consult with a Walnut Creek Maritime Accident Lawyer

While this summary of California law on maritime accidents may be useful, it is still critical to retain experienced legal counsel for assistance with your legal rights. For more information, please contact Venardi Zurada LLP to set up a no-cost case review with a member of our team. You can reach our office by calling 833-893-6763 or visiting us online.

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