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Oakland Wage & Hour Record Keeping Lawyer

What Are Wage & Hour Record-Keeping Violations and How Do They Affect Employees?

Employers must maintain employment records for their non-exempt employees. The records must include identifying information about the employee as well as the hours worked and wages earned.

Basic Records Your Employer Must Maintain

Your employer must maintain the following records regarding the hours you work for them:

  1. Employee’s full name and Social Security number
  2. Address, including ZIP code
  3. Birth date, if younger than 19
  4. Sex and occupation
  5. Time and day of week when employee’s workweek begins
  6. Hours worked each day
  7. Total hours worked each workweek
  8. Basis on which employee’s wages are paid (e.g., “$9 per hour,” “$440 a week,” “piecework”)
  9. Regular hourly pay rate
  10. Total daily or weekly straight-time earnings
  11. Total overtime earnings for the workweek
  12. All additions to or deductions from the employee’s wages
  13. Total wages paid each pay period
  14. Date of payment and the pay period covered by the payment

Why Is Record Keeping Important for Employees?

The main problem arises when your employer fails to keep accurate records of the hours you worked and/or the amount paid to you as an employee. When your employer fails to keep the proper records, your litigation position is strengthened because your reasonable estimation of the time you spent working is considered to be true and it is the duty of your employer to provide evidence that your estimation is wrong. This presumption is very helpful to you and a challenge to your employer in any litigation.

A current or former employee is entitled to inspect the personnel file and records related to their performance. Once the employee makes a written request, the employer is obligated to either deliver a copy of the records to the employee or make them available for the employee’s review. The employer must honor the request regardless of whether there is an investigation pending.

Have Your Rights as an Employee Been Violated? We Can Help.

The law firm of Venardi Zurada LLP provides free initial consultations for wage and hour record keeping violations throughout the San Francisco/California. We are experienced employment lawyers who fight hard for our clients. If we are able to take your case, we pay all litigation costs. We only get paid our costs and attorneys’ fees if you get compensation.

Get a Free Case Review

If you are an employee who feels their rights have been violated, or you need help negotiating or reviewing your employee contract, please call to speak to one of our expert employment law attorneys at 833-893-6763 or submit our form.

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