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Oakland Traffic Collision Lawyer

Traffic collisions are more common in and around Oakland than you might think. Although some traffic collisions are relatively minor and result in minimal physical harm, others can cause disabling and permanent injuries, not to mention fatal injuries. Much too often, people get hurt in traffic collisions or lose loved ones because of another motorist’s negligence. It is essential to work with an experienced Oakland traffic collision lawyer who can evaluate your case and can discuss your options for seeking compensation and holding the at-fault driver accountable.

Learning More About Traffic Collisions in Oakland

In California, traffic collisions are extremely common, and most of them are entirely avoidable. The California Office of Traffic Safety provides the following facts and figures to help illuminate the rates and causes of crashes in the state:

  • Mileage death rate (or MDR) for collisions in California is 1.06, which means that 1.06 fatalities occur for every 100 million miles traveled;
  • In 2019, there were a total of 1,066 drunk driving fatalities, which represented a decrease from the previous year in which there were 1,116 drunk driving deaths reported;
  • Drug-impaired driving is also a major factor in motor vehicle collisions and deaths in California, with 50 percent of all drivers who are killed in collisions testing positive for a substance (either a legal or illegal drug);
  • 620 reported vehicle occupant deaths in 2019 were unrestrained occupants who were not wearing seatbelts;
  • Motorcyclists are commonly injured in traffic collisions, and 474 motorcyclists were killed in 2019;
  • About 28 percent of all motorcyclists who sustained fatal injuries in traffic collisions were not wearing helmets;
  • There were 972 pedestrian fatalities in California in 2019;
  • Pedestrian fatalities among older adults aged 65 and up are on the rise, with an increase of about 2 percent from 2018 to 2019, with 22 reported deaths in 2019;
  • 133 bicycle fatalities were reported in 2019; and
  • Teen traffic collisions have declined in recent years, including a more than 25 percent decrease in teen motor vehicle deaths.

Common Causes of Oakland Traffic Collisions

Although there are many different potential causes of traffic collisions in Oakland and the East Bay Area, the following are some of the most common reasons that accidents happen:

  • Driver negligence (which can take many forms, such as distracted driving, drunk driving, fatigued driving, or aggressive driving);
  • Driver road rage;
  • Improper servicing of the vehicle;
  • Hazards on the premises, such as potholes or damaged parking lots;
  • Inclement weather; and/or
  • Defective vehicle parts.

In some cases, more than one cause may contribute to a traffic collision, and you may be eligible to file a claim against multiple parties in order to seek damages for your losses.

Contact Our Oakland Traffic Collision Attorneys for Assistance

Nobody should have to go through the devastating experience of sustaining serious injuries or losing a loved one in a traffic collision. Yet motor vehicle crashes result in severe and deadly injuries much more often than many Oakland-area residents would like to think about, and the losses can be enormous. Our dedicated Oakland traffic collision lawyers are here to help you seek the financial compensation you need and deserve after a debilitating crash. Contact Venardi Zurada to learn more about filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim after a California traffic collision.

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