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Oakland Taxi Accident Lawyer

When you pay a driver to transport you from one location to another, you should be able to expect that the driver is following the rules of the road and is behaving reasonably and safely to prevent injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Yet so many taxi accidents in Oakland, as well as rideshare and car service collisions, happen when the taxi driver is acting aggressively behind the wheel in order to circumvent traffic or to get you to your location as quickly as possible in order to move into the next fare. In other cases, a taxi driver might be taking proper care behind the wheel, but another motorist on the road causes a collision. No matter how your taxi accident happened, an experienced Oakland taxi accident lawyer at Venardi Zurada can assist you with your case.

How Do Taxi Accidents Occur in Oakland?

Taxi accidents can happen in many different ways in and around Oakland, CA. Some common scenarios in which taxi or rideshare accidents and injuries happen include but are not limited to the following:

  • Taxi driver causes a collision with another vehicle and the taxi occupant suffers injuries;
  • Taxi driver causes a collision with another vehicle and the occupant of the other vehicle suffers injuries;
  • Taxi driver causes a collision with a bicyclist or pedestrian, and the bicyclist or pedestrian sustains injuries;
  • Another driver causes a collision involving a taxi and the occupant of the taxi gets hurt;
  • Another driver causes a collision involving a taxi and other vehicles or parties, and a pedestrian or bicyclist suffers injuries; or
  • Automobile defect in a taxi or another vehicle causes a collision in which a taxi occupant or the occupant of another vehicle, or a pedestrian or bicyclist, sustains injuries.

In any of these circumstances, as well as many others, you may be able to file an auto insurance claim or a taxi accident lawsuit with assistance from an experienced Oakland taxi collision lawyer.

Liability for Taxi Accidents in and Around Oakland, California

Who is liable for a taxi accident? Responsibility for the collision, and for compensating you for the damages you have suffered, will depend upon the specific facts of your case. One of our taxi accident lawyers in Oakland can evaluate your case today and can help you to understand who you may be able to sue after a taxi or rideshare collision. In the meantime, the following are examples of parties who could be liable for your injuries:

  • Taxi driver;
  • Taxi company that employs the taxi driver;
  • Driver of another motor vehicle;
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist whose negligence caused the accident;
  • Owner or manager of the premises where the taxi accident occurred; or
  • Designer or manufacturer of the taxi or one of its components if the collision resulted from a product defect.

Contact a Taxi Accident Attorney in Oakland Today

Do you need help filing a taxi collision claim? One of our Oakland taxi accident attorneys is here to help. Contact Venardi Zurada today to get started on your case.

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