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Oakland Misclassification & Exempt/Hourly Lawyer

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The vast majority of employees are considered to be “hourly” or “non-exempt,” meaning that they are entitled to an overtime/double time premium, rest and meal breaks, as well as other benefits accorded under California law.

There are a number of narrow “exemptions” that may apply to you to make you “exempt” from these beneficial employment laws. Your employer has the burden of demonstrating that you fall into one or more of the narrow exemptions. If your employer mistakenly classified you as “exempt” even though you did not fit into any of the exemptions, the employer likely owes you significant funds for unpaid overtime/double time, meal and rest breaks, and other wage and hour violations.

Misclassification Categories Include:

  • Executive Exemption
  • Professional Exemption
  • Computer Software Exemption
  • Salesperson exemption

“I don’t enjoy conflict, but when I see that my client has been wronged, I fight and give it everything I have to make sure that my client gets justice.” – Mark Venardi

Each exemption has a number of specific requirements that must be satisfied. Your employer cannot “mix and match” the requirements from different exemptions and instead must prove that you fit ALL of the requirements of an exemption.

The law firm of Venardi Zurada LLP provides a free initial consultation for misclassification of exempt and non-exempt employees as part of our wage and hour practice throughout California. We are experienced employment lawyers who fight hard for our clients. If we are able to take your case, we pay all litigation costs. We only get paid our costs and attorneys’ fees if you get compensation.

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If you are an employee who feels their rights have been violated, or you need help negotiating or reviewing your employee contract, please call to speak to one of our expert Oakland misclassification & exempt/hourly lawyers at 833-893-6763 or submit our form.

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