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Oakland Lyft Accident Lawyer

Many customers who call Lyft rides in Oakland do so for convenience and, in many cases, for safety after a night out at a restaurant or bar with friends. Yet the increase in rideshare vehicles, including Lyft cars, has resulted in an overall increase in motor vehicle collisions and fatalities since Lyft and other rideshare options became available about a decade ago. About 9 out of 10 Lyft collisions occur in urban areas, and Oakland is no different. Although a high number of Lyft injuries happen when a rideshare driver is dropping off or picking up a customer, Lyft collisions can occur almost anywhere and at any time.

If you or somebody you love recently sustained injuries in a Lyft accident, the dedicated team of injury lawyers at our firm can help. An Oakland Lyft accident lawyer can assess your case for you today and discuss your options for moving forward with a claim for financial compensation.

Common Causes for Lyft Accidents in Oakland

There are many different causes for Lyft collisions and injuries in Oakland, such as:

  • Driver error, including negligent behavior behind the wheel such as aggressive driving, intoxicated driving, drowsy driving, or distracted driving;
  • Vehicle defects, such as defective brakes or defective airbags;
  • Inclement weather, including wind or rain;
  • Hazardous premises, such as uneven roads or roads with potholes and other problems;
  • Negligent maintenance on the Lyft vehicle or another car or truck involved in the collision; or
  • Negligence on the part of a pedestrian or bicyclist involved in the crash.

When it comes to driver error, Lyft drivers can certainly be at fault for any of the reasons we discussed above concerning motorist negligence. Yet other drivers can also be liable for injuries since Lyft collisions frequently are multi-vehicle crashes. In these kinds of multi-vehicle wrecks, the driver of another vehicle might engage in dangerous behaviors like aggressive or distracted driving that result in the collision with the Lyft vehicle.

Timeline for Filing an Oakland Lyft Collision Claim

It is important to know that most Lyft accident claims and other car crash lawsuits must be filed within a relatively narrow time window in order for the injury victim to be eligible for compensation. Under California law, most Oakland Lyft accident lawsuits must be filed within two years from the date of the collision. Failing to file a claim within that two-year time window can result in a time-barred lawsuit.

Learn More from Our Oakland Lyft Accident Attorneys

Getting hurt in a Lyft accident in Northern California can be devastating, but our Oakland Lyft accident lawyers are here to help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. From negotiating with an auto insurer to litigating your case and seeking a damages award in court, our firm is ready to advocate for your right to compensation. We can evaluate your case and determine the options available to you for seeking compensation. Our firm provides personalized and tailored service to each client, and we can begin working with you today on your case. Contact Venardi Zurada for more information.

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