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Redding Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While motorcycles can be a source of great enjoyment for many California residents, these vehicles can also put riders at serious risk of injury in a crash. Given that motorcyclists travel at high-speeds like cars and trucks but do not have the same protections that the structure of an automobile provides, motorcyclists can sustain catastrophic and deadly injuries in collisions. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, motorcycle deaths have decreased in recent years, yet 474 motorcyclists still lost their lives in collisions in 2019. A total of 28 motorcyclists who were killed in accidents that year were not wearing a helmet.

Were you injured recently in a motorcycle crash, or did you lose a loved one in a preventable motorcycle collision caused by a negligent driver? An experienced Redding motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can get started on your case.

Common Causes of Redding Motorcycle Accidents

How do motorcycle accidents happen in Redding? While there are many different causes of motorcycle collisions, the following are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Speeding;
  • Following too closely, or tailgating;
  • Texting while driving, and other distracted driving behaviors;
  • Left-turn collisions, including left turns at intersections and yield signals;
  • Blind spot accidents and lane changes;
  • Red-light running accidents;
  • Dooring, or accidents results from parked car doors opening and hitting motorcyclists;
  • Drunk or intoxicated driving;
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving;
  • Road defects, such as potholes or slick roadways;
  • Lane splitting;
  • Low visibility; and
  • Defective motorcycle or vehicle parts, such as defective breaks or defective safety gear.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Redding can help you to seek financial compensation when another party is responsible for the accident that caused your injuries.

Comparative Fault and Redding Motorcycle Collisions

It is important to understand how comparative fault might affect your motorcycle accident claim since motorcycle accident lawsuits often involve the defendant raising the issue. Comparative fault concerns a plaintiff’s own fault for the accident or for the severity of the injuries.

California is a pure comparative fault state, which means a motorcyclist can obtain damages even if a defendant is successful in proving that the plaintiff’s own fault contributed to the collision or to the severity of the injuries. Whether a plaintiff is 1 percent or up to 99 percent at fault, the plaintiff can still recover damages. However, the motorcyclist’s damages award will be reduced by his or her percentage of fault in the accident.

What are some situations in which comparative fault results in a reduction of the motorcyclist’s damages? For example, if a motorcyclist was speeding at the time of the collision, or was not wearing a helmet and suffered a brain injury, the defendant may be able to prove that the motorcyclist bears some responsibility for the collision or resulting injuries.

Seek Advice from Our Redding Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Were you recently injured in a motorcycle accident in Northern California? Do you need assistance filing a claim for financial compensation? One of our experienced Redding motorcycle accident attorneys can begin working with you today on your case. Contact Venardi Zurada to learn more about how we can help you.

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