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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Medical Malpractice / California Plastic Surgeon Facing Over 30 Lawsuits Filed by Patients

California Plastic Surgeon Facing Over 30 Lawsuits Filed by Patients


A California plastic surgeon is facing a litany of complaints including medical malpractice and battery for alleging touching patients in sensitive areas without their consent. He is also accused of posting their images to social media without their consent. An Orange County district attorney has filed a civil lawsuit against the doctor who faces more than 30 lawsuits filed by former patients.

One of his staffers described an incident that occurred after the doctor performed a Brazilian butt lift. He slapped the patient’s behind to make it jiggle while she was still under anesthesia. The district attorney’s lawsuit alleges that the doctor “touched potential patients and patients without their consent.” Now, more than 30 women are suing the doctor for various claims including medical malpractice and battery.

One patient described what happened to her during an initial consultation. She said that there was no nurse nor anyone accompanying the doctor. The doctor made her stand before a large mirror while she was naked. The woman said the doctor grabbed her “two inches above her vagina” and touched her breast from behind, pulling up and down, in an apparent effort to show the patient how she would look once the surgery was completed. The doctor denied the claims and sued the patient for defamation.

Patients further claim that the doctor “body shames” patients into getting more surgeries. Patients say that the conduct was “aggressive”, “demeaning”, and “degrading.” One patient described it as “humiliating.”

The doctor is further accused of misrepresenting recovery times and the lasting effects of procedures. The doctor promised one patient a recovery time of a few weeks, but those few weeks stretched to months, according to the patient.

Allegations made by the district attorney

The Orange County DA alleges that the doctor made false and misleading claims related to the advertising of his services. The DA alleges that unlicensed individuals participated in liposuction procedures and other surgeries. Further, the doctor’s surgical facilities did not provide a safe operative and post-operative environment as evidenced by a high number of postoperative infections. Some of these infections allegedly required hospitalization. A former patient described her nipples as “detached” and “oozing black” after a procedure performed by the doctor. In this patient’s case, her breast lift surgery ultimately resulted in a life-threatening infection and a double mastectomy. She is suing the doctor for medical malpractice due to the botched procedure.

The doctor had his license suspended after a patient’s death amid allegations that he was allowing unlicensed staff to perform surgeries on his behalf. The doctor was given a 90-day suspension of his medical license and placed on 10 years of probation.

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