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Oakland Religious Harassment Lawyer

It Is Illegal to Be Harassed or Discriminated Against at Work Because of Your Religion

The courts are not hesitant to help employees who have been subject to religious harassment or discrimination at work. There are many different ways that you can be harassed at work on the basis of your religion. For example, a Muslim employee may be called derogatory names, told that they are a “terrorist,” or talked about using derogatory stereotypes associated with their religion.

Such behavior is always unpleasant but becomes unlawful when its severity and/or frequency creates a “hostile work environment,” which is defined as one in which there is persistent and pervasive harassment. The more severe the acts or comments the fewer are required to create a hostile work environment. Often the religion-specific harassment is combined with harassment on the basis of the person’s race or national origin, some other protected characteristic, or other generally rude or demeaning behavior, all of which can combine with religious harassment to create a hostile work environment.

Discrimination differs from harassment in that it focuses on the unequal treatment because of a person’s religious belief primarily when it comes to hiring, promoting, providing working conditions, or terminating employees. Harassment often combines with discrimination and exposes the employer’s true motives in making discriminatory decisions based on someone’s religious beliefs, but religious discrimination can also exist without any harassment.

For example, an employee may find that everyone behaves properly toward him or her, but when there is a problem at work involving several employees, only the employee(s) who hold certain religious beliefs are terminated or disciplined while others are let off with little or no consequences. This is a strong indication of a religious bias because an employee is not allowed to selectively enforce their policies to favor or disfavor employees on the basis of their religion.

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