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Oakland Personal Injury Lawyers

Venardi Zurada advocates tenaciously for the interests of those injured in California. Our attorneys hold some of the highest accolades in the profession, and we are proud to be a force for good in Oakland and beyond.

The lawyers you hire would be on your side. The insurance adjusters and legal teams would be on the side of their companies’ bottom lines. Please consider legal advice if you or your loved ones have suffered any of the following types of injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries

The more expensive the injury, the harder insurance companies tend to fight to diminish claims. Before signing away your future, consider the true cost of the following:

Dangerous Jobs

At Venardi Zurada, one of our primary commitments is to Oakland. One of our partners has served in the Coast Guard and worked on an oil rig. We celebrate Oakland’s industrial maritime heritage, and we proudly defend the interests of its workers in various disputes regarding:

Recreational Boating

The waterways of California and the expanse of the Pacific draw many non-professional sailors as well. Negligence, inexperience and poor maintenance of craft can lead to tragic accidents:

Breach of Confidence

The people you trust are in a position to hurt you the most. These situations are often nuanced, both ethically and legally:

Cyclists and Pedestrians

Riding a bicycle or taking a walk should never be a risk to life and limb. These are basic activities, and negligent drivers should pay the price when they injure vulnerable people. Do not let anyone convince you an accident was your fault before legal analysis — in many cases the motorist has the responsibility to share the road.

Toxic Tort

The law could give you a recourse to recover damages from powerful, multinational companies for the losses their dangerous and toxic products have caused you. The attorneys of Venardi Zurada are not afraid to go up against anyone who has wronged our clients.

Premises Injury

Property owners in California have a significant legal obligation to maintain the safety of their public spaces. What exactly this entails may vary from one situation to the next, so please seek specific information for:

Non-Car Motor Vehicle Injuries

In general, everyone has a responsibility to operate and maintain vehicles safely, avoiding injury to others. This is especially true on public roadways, sidewalks and on business sites that offer transportation or motorsports entertainment services. Our firm brings claims on behalf of those injured while driving:

Car and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

It is no secret that driving has the potential to be dangerous. We work with our clients to help ensure they do not become another insurance-company statistic. We negotiate and litigate everything from relatively simple car accidents to complex commercial truck crashes involving multiple parties and extreme losses.

Many of our clients contact us on the verge of accepting a disastrous deal from insurance companies. It could benefit you to have a full understanding of your legal position before engaging in negotiations with the shrewd representatives of these powerful companies. Please call 833-893-6763 for a free consultation.

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