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Monthly Archives: September 2022


Top Causes Of Accidental Death In California: Understanding Liability

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Heart disease and cancer may be leading causes of death in the US, but a look further down the list reveals a surprising fact: Accidents are the #4 reasons behind fatalities according to data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unintentional injuries cause around 201,000 deaths annually, though the… Read More »

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Reasons To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet That California Riders May NOT Consider

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

For motorcycle riders in California and many other US states, the main reason to wear a helmet is a legal one. Police can pull you over via primary enforcement, meaning they do not need to observe you violating some other traffic law to stop you. Under the California Vehicle Code motorcycle helmet law, you… Read More »

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Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements In California: Drowning Prevention

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Drownings are a common occurrence in warmer climates like California, and their love for swimming and other water-based activities means children are at a higher risk. The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) reports that drowning is a top cause of unintentional fatal injuries among children under 5 years old. Many other individuals of… Read More »

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California Medical Malpractice Cap Raised For First Time In 47 Years

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

You do not need a background in economics to know that inflation will have numerous impacts over a period of almost five decades. California lawmakers finally addressed how it affects medical malpractice cases, and the move spells good news for victims. A San Francisco Chronicle article dated May 23, 2022 reported that the new… Read More »

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Safety Tips To Prevent Car Accidents When Towing On California Roads

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Californians will be eager to hit the road for their favorite outdoor activities. For some families, a big part of the fun will be what they are towing behind them: A camper, boat, ATVs on trailers, jet skis, wave runners, and more. Fortunately, most passenger vehicles are capable of hauling these items, including SUVs,… Read More »

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What To Do – And NOT Do – After Suffering Dog Bite Injuries In California

By Venardi Zurada LLP |

Whether you love dogs or do not consider yourself a fan, there is a good chance that you will encounter canines at both private residences and public places. Most are friendly, loyal, and safe, but dogs are still animals that can be set off into violence for a range of reasons. Fortunately, there are… Read More »

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